Someone is stealing all the peanut butter and jelly and someone has to stop them.  This sounds like a job for the soon to be everyone’s favorite action hero, kung Fu Robot.

Kung Fu Robot Saves the Day for PB&J is an exciting new juvenile graphic novel that follows the silly antics of a large red robot and his best friend, 9 year old Marvin and how they have to save to cities peanut butter and jelly from the evil Kung Pow Chicken and his army of android ninja henchmen. 

Kung Fu Robot Saves the Day for PB&J is a fast paced graphic novel that will take the reader on a fun and wild ride as Kung Fu Robot and Marvin pursue the evil Kung Pow Chicken.  The story involves plenty of ninjas, a couple of giant rockets, a giant laser, plenty of ninjas, a monster even and definitely plenty of peanut butter and jelly by the time story ends.